CleBer LLC, P.O. Box 58007, Raleigh, NC 27616 has signed an agreement with A3TEH-UKRAINA, 1А, Titova Street, Shepetovka, Khmelnitskiy region, 30400, Ukraine for the manufacturing of the OGGUN tractor.

This technology license agreement provides the ability for A3TEH-‍‍‍UKRAINA to produce the Oggún tractor using as much local content as possible with the goal of moving to 100% local content.

Using an Open Systems design and having all parts sourced locally ensures the farmer will always have ready access to parts at a reasonable price. Local parts also reduce the time required to get the tractor back into the field. One of the Open System Design requirements for Oggún was that the farmer must be able to fix it in their field or shop without the requirement for any special tools.

An Open System Design ensures that small farmers across Ukraine have access to an affordable tractor which will help increase their productivity, it will also increase local manufacturing, parts and service jobs.

There are 45035 small private farms currently running in Ukraine and this amount is constantly growing. Therefore introduction of a small locally produced, affordable tractor, will have a significant impact on food production. This will help ensure that healthy local food is both available and affordable.

Moreover, when an Open System Design Manufacturing of the small farm tractor is based in Ukraine, it will be possible to involve Government Programs, supporting agribusiness in its purchase.

Ukraine becomes the first country to announce production of the Oggún tractor and CleBer’s Open System Manufacturing concepts. Several countries in Africa and South America are currently testing the Oggun tractor, as more regions begin to develop Open System equipment there will be broader range of equipment, not just tractors, available at much more affordable prices.

CleBer looks forward to working with A3TEH-UKRAINA in the production of a full range of equipment and implements for farmers, from those that use hand tools to farmers using multi-row tractors.

CleBer/Oggun Small Farm Tractor To Be Manufactured In Ukraine‍‍‍



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