How is Oggún Different?

  • Oggún was developed using an Open System Model and ‘off-the-shelf’ parts. Oggún can be fixed in the field or a local shop with parts available from a farm supply store, auto parts store, Grainger or the internet. You can configure Oggún with the implements or tools to meet the needs of your specific job. We don’t add extra cost for things you don’t want or need.
  • The Oggún tractor does not require a large and expensive dealer network, rather is sold direct to consumer through the website or by phone.
  • Oggún is not designed for obsolescence. Our simple design is flexible for local customization, innovation and future field upgrades as technology evolves.
  • Our overhead costs are low, which allows us pass on the savings to you, our customers. As an example, the majority of our advertising is coming from our customers - farmers. We don’t need a big and expensive advertising department and budget.
  • We have created partnerships with our vendors who provide us the resources we need, at the time we need them. We don’t need a big and expensive staff or facility that would drive up our cost.
  • Our plan internationally is to work with local business partners to produce the Oggún tractors with 100% local parts and manufacturing in every country where we sell them. This will drive down the cost for the small farmers, while also helping to develop the local economy. Localizing our production will benefit many segments of the economy, not just agriculture.
  • The Oggún tractor is just the beginning. We believe this new business model and way of thinking can be used to produce a family of equipment. We will publish our designs and components, allowing others to develop products using the same components, driving down the cost of those components and increasing their availability.
  • Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the best overall value for the Oggún Tractor. It is not just a tractor… ‘It’s a way of thinking’.

Why Oggún for Cuba will succeed on a global basis where all others have failed!



CleBer's Global Business explained...

Our Business Model

The current business models used globally fail to produce products that 80% of world’s population can afford. We discovered this when we looked at how to produce a tractor for the small farmers who currently can’t afford one, but found this was true across the board. We needed to develop a new business model.. a new way of thinking.



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