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CleBer Announces Oggun II

With Oggun II we are changing the concepts of how you purchase a tractor.  Our Open System design for Oggun II provides the following flexibility in how you purchase a tractor :

The world’s first Open System Tractor

Oggun II Available July 2019 is a larger tractor than Oggun I with:

  • Independent hydraulic wheel motor drive
  • Support for gas or diesel engine that range from 20HP to 35HP
  • Greater crop clearance
  • Improved belly implement attachment space and lift height
  • Optional tire width from 36” to 72” standard
  • ROPS standard
  • Improved hydraulic turn using full hydraulic reverse on turn
  • Hydraulic lock parking brake
  • Improved power steering with symmetric steering return
  1. License the design and build it yourself.
    1. You source the fabrication locally.
    2. You either acquire the off the shelve components locally or purchase them from us.
  2. License the design, purchase the components from us and assemble the tractor
    1. We ship you all the components and an assembly video
  3. Purchase a fully assembled tractor.
  4. Or any other option that makes sense.

Projected Price

Gas: $16,500.00

Diesel: $21,500.00

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